Hello guys! So today I thought I would write a slightly different post from the other ones and share my experience on something that I don’t usually do (I mean, not even once a year, but more rarely). It’s pumpkin carving!

So Halloween is just around the corner and many people who live in countries that are CRAZY about celebrating Halloween (of which I’m actually really jealous) probably have already carved their pumpkins. And I’m pretty sure that they look stunningly scary!

But if you are just like me (a person whose friends and family don’t necessarily celebrate Halloween every year) and you don’t have an idea about how to carve a pumpkin, you can follow these basic tips I’ve prepared just for you!

Find a stencil online of the scariest pumpkin you’ve ever seen and print it out (this step is optional, but it makes drawing a lot easier). After that, choose the side of the pumpkin which looks the nicest to you. Grab a marker and draw the pumpkin’s face.

If you're not sure whether the marker lines will stay or not, you can also use a pencil (it is also easier to correct your drawing while using it).

As for the top of the pumpkin, you can simply cut it in whatever shape you would like. I tried to do something that looks like a flower.


Remove the top of the pumpkin and start scraping off the pumpkin seeds and all the unnecessary flesh (make sure that the pumpkin skin is not too thin). You can remove pumpkin seeds with a spoon or a spatula.              DSC_0131

DSC_0135 2

When the inside of the pumpkin seems to be empty, you can fill it with some water just to make sure that there are no seeds left.


Start cutting the pumpkin’s face using a special knife for carving or any smaller knife that you have.

It might not look perfect at first, but when you cut all the holes out, you will see that it looks even better!

It might not look perfect at first, but when you cut all the holes out, you will see that it looks even better!

When your pumpkin is done, take a paper towel just to clean the pumpkin once again. You can also put some paper towel inside of the pumpkin so that they would absorb unnecessary water. Take a tea light candle, light it up and carefully place it inside of the pumpkin.


If you have any tips on carving a pumpkin or if you want to share your experience, please leave it in the comments bellow! Have an amazing day!


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