You will need:

  • 1,5 ripe bananas
  • 3/4 cup oat milk (or any other milk of your choice)
  • 1 cup strawberries
  • 3/4 cup sweet cherries
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • some ice cubes

First of all, obviously, you will have to prepare all the fruit! Rinse all of them, peel the bananas and add them to the blender. Then, pit 3/4 cup of sweet cherries and add them to the blender as well as 1/2 cup of blueberries. Remove the leaves from strawberries if there are any, and pour those berries into the blender. Pour in some milk and mix everything well. Add the ice cubes and mix again. Enjoy!


Serve this smoothie in cute little jars and share with others! But I have to warn you that it is so tasty that you probably will want to drink it alone, haha!



Hello there lovely people! It is actually my second attempt to write the first part of My trip to Crete, Greece series. It is because the whole post just decided to disappear. However, it haven’t stopped me from writing again!

So as you can see from the title, this post is going to be about the islands of Greece! To begin with, I’ve actually have never been to Crete or even Greece before, so I was really excited to go on this trip.

Me and my family travelled to Crete by plane, so had an amazing opportunity to appreciate the amazing view of the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas. We arrived at Nikos Kazantzakis International Airport, which is in Heraklion, the largest city in Crete. The weather was absolutely incredible! It was hot and sunny, the sky was so clear!



After that, we took a bus and taxi to finally reach our hotel. It was located somewhere between Rethymno (a city of approximately 40,000 habitants, which is also rich with ancient history) and Georgioupoli (a smaller resort town). The hotel was very luxurious (it seemed so to me, haha!) It had two pools, private beach, gym etc. The personal was very friendly and helpful, which made our holiday even better.


The view from my hotel room. Am I the only one here to have an obsession with palm trees? Haha!

On the fifth day of our trip we decided to visit Santorini (or Thira), an volcanic island famous for its unique architecture and history. We took a ferry to travel there because there is obviously no other way to reach the island (unless you have a helicopter!) Santorini atracts thousands of tourists from China, Russia, Japan, France and many other countries every year. It is very popular to spend a honeymoon there, even though the prices of hotels are very high comparing to Crete. Santorini is said to be the most expensive island in Europe! However, I’d definitely suggest visiting this place at least once in a lifetime! The island is surrounded by a stunning scenery: the blue Aegean sea, other uninhabited islands, such as Palaia Kameni, Nea Kameni (which is also a protected scientific site), Aspronisi… And you can’t forget Oia and Fira, two biggest towns in Santorini, famous for their white and blue small houses.

The beautiful town of Oia. You can even see in the photo that there are many small chapels which were built by the ships' captains who wanted to thank for successful journeys.

The beautiful town of Oia. You can even see in the photo that there are many small chapels which were built by the ships’ captains who wanted to thank for successful journeys.




You can easily find small restaurants and cafes  that have a view to the sea. Have a cup of freddo cappuccino (cold cappuccino) and just relax.

Me and my family also visited Rethymno and Chania (the second largest city in Crete). In the small, winding streets of these cities there are many taverns and souvenir shops where you can buy Greek food and drinks, colorfully embroidered tablecloths and many other things.


Greek architecture is usually very colorful, yet minimalistic.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate this tiny bookshop? I could’ve spent all the day here…

On the last day of our holiday we decided to go on a hike down the Samaria gorge. The route is about 13 kilometers long, plus 2 kiometers to the port. Let me tell you: it was so hard! My legs ached two days after that… But the good thing is, we had some leisure time in a small town near the port, so we went swimming to Libyan sea and had some drinks in a small tavern.


The scenery is simply stunning! It is nothing like any other mountains I’ve seen before. Furthemore, these are one of the highest ones in Crete!


Rocky tracks made it even more difficult to hike. Prepare a good pair of footwear!

So that is about it! I didn’t go to many other places because my family wanted to relax a little bit more. But our tour guide said that Crete should be visited at least twice: once you should stay more in the west and once in the east.

However, I had an amazing opportunity to meet some Cretans. I even went to a tzatziki making course! Don’t worry, I will share a recipe with you!

I would definitely like to know whether you enjoyed reading this post or not, so please share your oppinion in the comments bellow! Do have any suggestions where I should travel next?

I can’t wait for another post about Greek and Cretan cuisine! Are you excited too?

Have an amazing Sunday! See you soon!


Can you believe it? Because I simply can’t! It’s been more than a year already since the first post in this blog!



Oh, what a year it was! Full of amazing experiences, adventures, some traveling, meeting new people… Not to mention all of the cooking experiments!

I wanted to thank every single one of you who liked, commented or shared my posts with other people. Even if our community isn’t that big. Without readers I obviously wouldn’t want to write anything and try new things every day. Because sharing means a lot to me.

Thank you so much again! I could only wish for another amazing year with you…

Have an awesome day!

Lots of love!


Hello everyone! It’s obviously been quite a while since I’ve posted here, in this blog, and let me tell you: I really REALLY missed sharing everything with you guys. However, I have some even more exciting things to talk about now!image


So the reason why I wasn’t posting here is that I’ve been to Crete, Greece and I returned home just last night! What does it mean? Of course, new posts about Greece, some new recipes and tips while traveling! I will upload at least two new posts mainly about Greek culture and cuisine. So stay in touch with the news by following to this blog!

Are you as excited as I am? Share everything in the comments below!

See all of you very soon!

By the way,  for those who were wondering, no, I didn’t stuck in Greece because of the things that are going on there these days!